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Eloise is passionate about diet and natural remedies for reaching and maintaining optimal health. She has studied Nutrition and Herbalism to gain a better understanding of how the body works and what ingredients are highly beneficial for us depending on our goals. Her biggest challenge was in 2016 when her father was diagnosed with two types of 'incurable' Cancer, but using natural methods they effectively shrunk it and to this day he remains all clear. Eloise has been running guided 7 day detoxes for 6 months using the same Alkaline diet that her father was on and some very powerful supplements from Rain International.


All the participants have felt incredible benefits, not just during the detox but afterwards too. This is because we don't realise the relationship we have with food until we complete a detox, and once we feel the benefits we can use them for the rest of our lives to improve our own and our family's health. Most illness, disease and pain can be improved by completing a proper cleanse, but prevention is always better than cure, so if you learn how to clean your body now, then you can have a happy and healthy future. 

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What's included in the

7 Day Detox Programme:

   Meal Plan

   Healthy cooking tips

   Ingredients List


   2 Tanita Body

   Composition Readings


   PH Strips

  1 week of Soul Anti Inflammatory juice

1 week Core Green

detoxing juice

1 week of Pure Pre + Probiotics

Constant support & Guidance

For further information you can send an email :  

itsrainnutrition@gmail.com or call on 9948 2542