• Ali Spiritual Life Coach

Facing your traumas

When it comes in facing your traumas it can be very overwhelming. When you take out those skeletons from your closet, you will be faced with all the hurt and emotions of that particular trauma. So, what we automatically do is hide them and pretend they do not exist, and we continue with our daily lives. However, when we act this way, these traumas will appear over and over again, and the intensity of the trauma if not faced will be harder to deal with. What happens also is that we project these unresolved traumas on the people around us. Your traumas will appear in other situations in different shapes and forms, and that pain will resurface over and over again, every time more intense, until its dealt with. When we escape from our traumas, it is like sweeping dust under the carpet and pretending all is clean, same goes with your trauma’s. A past trauma will keep coming up in your life until you face it, feel it, accept it, make peace with it and letting it go. It is easier said then done, however by taking a step by step approach and looking at your trauma from a different perspective this can be done, and once accomplished you will feel amazingly liberated and you are no longer attached to that trauma. At the end we all want inner peace and happiness, but this cannot be achieved until you are able to deal with these issues, because by making peace with yourself you can achieve peace within.

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