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My Wake Up Call

A few years back I started with my Spiritual Awakening journey, back then I had no idea what a Spiritual Awakening was. It was on a particular day when all of a sudden, I realised why I went through certain things in life. My past came in front of my face, my traumas came out of the closet because my closet was so full that there was no space anymore. It was an overwhelming time, I thought I was going crazy, I thought I was going through a depression because of what I was experiencing, one thing after the other.

All the traumas of the past surrounded me, the pain was intense, it was like they were telling me…hey here we are…. are you going face us now, your closet is full dear we cannot fit in there anymore hahaha. All my mistakes, guilt, hurt, pain, disappointments, traumas came up to the surface. Every single thing that I went through surfaced, so I deal with it, and this stems way back from my childhood. I was so overwhelmed and in panic state, not knowing what to do, to whom I turn too. And what I did was pray. I had a conversation with God, and I opened up with him, I told him I am scared, I am lonely, and I do not want to feel this way anymore, and I asked him to help me to show me the way and send me the help that I needed.

After this prayer, things started to change, and very quick people started appearing in my life that offered me guidance, support, help and also more lessons and the possibility to share with them what I was going through. I googled and searched, read books, passages from each bible, spiritual books, and any information I could find. The information though flowed on its own through me, what I read helped me to open that door that was closed, and most of what I read was already part me, everything resonated, and this is how I discovered I have started my journey, and this was the start of my Spiritual Awakening.

I started to heal my past step by step. I saw that many others were going through the same things that I was going through, as much as overwhelming as it was, that was a relief knowing I was not alone. So, my shadow work began, and it was like an automatic process if you see it from a certain point of perspective. Dealing with traumas takes time, patience, observation of your patterns, and awareness and mostly it is the actions you take that are essential, as they are a major part of the process to heal your traumas. And it is a matter of changing your actions till that trauma or repeated pattern no longer exists.

Once a trauma was worked on, automatically that trauma disappeared, and another trauma pops in to be faced and dealt with. There was a sort of pattern when dealing with a trauma, once that trauma was healed, you would know that you healed it because the day it happens the feeling of liberation inside you, and the feeling of bliss and peace is felt at a very high level. I started doing meditation and yoga, reading informative articles, watching videos etc, and I found all these as tools that helped me during this initial process.

Having said that, life lessons never end, but it is how you tackle them that is important, its not about being perfect, its about changing repeatedly your actions. Apart from facing and dealing with all this I cannot be thankful enough of the blessings that I had along the way…and most often they stem from the exact same pain or trauma.

In the midst of a lot of chaos I felt guided to create Ali Spiritual Life Coach, a on the 20th of March 2020, I woke up and started creating all the social media etc. This has been another amazing experience in itself as I never imagined that I would create what I did. I knew that I had to help other people through my experiences and through my blessings. I wanted to share with you a little part of my journey. However, although I call myself a Spiritual Life Coach, I try to live by a quote that resonates with me to “be a learner first, a Master second and a student always” - Ernie J Zelinski.

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