How can I help you ?

To start with I want to let you know that what I tell you is based on my experiences and from within me. I will give you tips and tools, and my opinion, but it is always up to you to decide, whether you want to implement them in your life.

I am not perfect or a know it all, I am a learner, a master and a student. I am human just like you, and I also have my life lessons. Life's lessons never  stop, it is life. It's how you perceive, and handle each situation that is most important. Your our actions and decisions play a vital part in your life journey. It is always up to you.

Any decision making for your life circumstances, it's always your choice. I am not here to influence you, or impose on you, what you should do. The choice you take in life are always yours.

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  • What we speak about is confidential.

  • It's between me and you.

  • If there is no trust we can't work together.


I am not here to judge you, or point a finger at you.

I am here to listen. Whatever happened, happened

at the time when you didn't know better.

What is important is what actions you take now, and that you are aware of your previous actions. It is up to you not to repeat the same mistakes and actions over and over again.

Things happen for you, not to you. Whether good or bad, they happened for a reason. In every bad situation there is always good. In every troublesome situation, there is always a lesson to be learned.

Once you can pin point the lesson, you will be able to take the steps forward to change your ways.


What is Spirituality to me ?

I believe in our creator who everyone gives a different name. 

I call him God, and you can call him what you want.  He is still & will be still, the same one who created you and me. I do not make part of any Religion. My Religion is based on KINDNESS, COMPASSION, EMPATHY.  But first, it always starts from you. The kindness towards you, the compassion towards you, the empathy towards you, your choices towards you.  Once you take steps towards yourself,  you can take steps with other human beings, whether they are your family or not. For in my minds eye, everyone is spiritual, on a different levels of perception.

Sessions are donation based.